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The Mindful Loft Counselling and Psychotherapy

I help individuals find freedom and happiness by overcoming mental and emotional blocks.

When someone really hears you without passing judgment on you, without trying to take responsibility for you, without trying to mold you, it feels damn good.

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About me


I help individuals find freedom and happiness by overcoming mental and emotional blocks. Specializing in anxiety, depression, and PTSD, my warm and inviting approach fosters a safe space for growth and self-discovery

Together, we journey towards the version of yourself you strive for.

✓ J’accepte aussi les clients francophones.
✓ In-person and/or virtual sessions
✓ lgbtq2s+ ally and safe
✓ Providing Culturally Responsive Therapy

My Experience

My experience has allowed me to work with clients facing a variety of issues, including relationship challenges, life transitions, bereavement, trauma, and PTSD. I draw from various therapeutic modalities, such as psychodynamic therapy, narrative therapy, and cognitive-behavioral therapy, tailoring the approach to best suit your needs.

Cultural responsiveness is of utmost importance to me. I strive to create a safe and inclusive counseling space, where humility and curiosity are prioritized. You are the expert in your life, and together, we will collaborate in the healing process. I am honored to embark on this journey of growth and self-discovery with you.

Our Services
Individual Therapy
Life can be overwhelming, and it's okay to seek support. Individual therapy at The Mind Loft is a safe and nurturing space
Couples Therapy
Relationships require effort and understanding, and sometimes we all need a little help to strengthen our connection
Speaking Engagement
A presentation to explain why psychotherapy can help individuals for a mentally healthy working team. Join our engaging

Frequently Asked Question

Psychotherapy is a collaborative and confidential process that involves working with a trained therapist to explore thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. It can help you gain insight, develop coping skills, and navigate life’s challenges, leading to improved mental and emotional well-being

At the Mind Loft we specialize in treating a wide range of issues, including anxiety, depression, PTSD, relationship challenges, life transitions, bereavement, trauma, and more.

In a typical therapy session, you can expect a safe and non-judgmental space to discuss your concerns. The therapist will actively listen, ask questions, and provide support and guidance to help you explore and address your challenges.

Therapy sessions are usually scheduled on a weekly basis, but the frequency can be adjusted based on your preferences and needs


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